Agrigento gastronomy

Agrigento food, wine and gastronomy

maccu, pitaggiu, sfinciuna, cucciddati, mastazzola, cciarduna....





Agrigento gastronomy


Agrigento cuisine  has a rich and savory variety due to the influence, even in gastronomy, of the cultural heritage bequeathed by different rules and to the diversity among various parts of the province.

In coastal areas and on the Pelagie Islands gastronomy is naturally associated with fish and the sea, while inland and in mountainous areas the prevalence of crops - oranges in Ribera, peaches in  Bivona, eating grapes in Canicattì, cantaloup melons in Licata, olives and oil in Caltabellotta, Burgio and Lucca Sicula - is enriched with the products of pastoral activity, such as meat and cheese, both fresh and seasoned in Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini and Santo Stefano Quisquina.

In the first case, traditional dishes include squid
soup to be savored in Siculiana Marina, sole fish in Sciacca, sardine meatballs in Licata, and, on the remote island of Lampedusa, spaghetti and baked red snapper with meat broth.

Gastronomy is even richer and more varied inland and and in the mountainous areas: pasta of St. Joseph in Ribera, pasta with artichokes in Menfi, with fava beans and ricotta in Montevago, with chickpeas in Favara, pasta cavatelli in Agrigento, sweet-and-sour rabbit in St. Angelo Muxaro,  stigghiola in Racalmuto, "u pitaggiu" soup in  Castrofilipppo "and perhaps the most original specialty of the region of Agrigento," macco " soup in Raffadali and " Tagano " in Aragona.

In addition, a wine production that in recent years has seen an increasing number of significant awards. In pastry -making, ricotta and almonds are the prevailing ingredients: cassatelle in S. Margherita Belice and "minni of virgins" in the nearby Sambuca, macaroons and almond and pistacchio quadratelli (little squares) in Canicattì; a unique specialty of Agrigento is
sweet couscous.  Melon  ice-creams can be enjoyed in the small town of Joppolo Giancaxio.



Excerpt from the book "Culinary Trails in the Agrigento region" Ed.Camera of Commerce Agrigento.