Sanctuary of Asclepios or Aesculapium

Valley of the Temples, Agrigento





Reconstruction by Giuseppe Di Giovanni

Tempio di Asclepios (Aesculapium)

It was the Temple of Asclepios that all the sick would attend to receive treatments and advice. It dates from 400- 390 B.C. It consisted of a cella in antis and of a pronaos with two columns. The building, says Polybius, was eight and a half stadiums away from the city, that is 1480 meters. Cicero asserts that in the temple there was a statue of Apollo, made by Miron, whose name was written with silver letters on one thigh of the masterpiece.

The Temple of Asclepios was a small building: 22,144 meters long and 11,118 wide, it occupied a surface of 246,196 square meters, and its decoration was by far inferior to that of classical Greek temples. The walls are m.0,55; the diameter of the columns is m.1,10.




Excerpts from the guidebook "Agrigento- The Valley of the Temple and the Regional Museum" by Giuseppe Di Giovanni, a companion to most of the visitors of the Valley of The Temples. The photographs belong to the Archivio Di Giovanni and are reproduced under kind permission of the author