What to do in Agrigento


Agrigento offers many opportunities for an out-of-the-ordinary holiday: pristine beaches and naturalistic attractions, geological curiosities, medieval and baroque churches, castles, historic centres with an Islamic imprint, religious festivals and popular festivals, sulfur  and salt mines, craft shops and pottery workshops, ethno-anthropological museums.

Some of the recurring events have a national and international reputation: the Almond Blossom Festival or International Folklore Festival, the Carnival of Sciacca, the Feast of the Holy Cross or Tataratà, the Archi di Pasqua (Easter Arches).

A number of itineraries and  trails branch out in the Agrigento region. You can visit many archaeological sites and nature reserves and follow the literary trails of great writers and food and wine routes. During the summer (but also in spring and autumn, given the extremely mild climate) you cannot miss a swim in one of the many beaches located along the coast of Agrigento.